Workpress Research Log for Project 2

Hey everybody, I’ve made a great image about the history of laptops in society, using the website Piktochart. I think you’d all really like this presentation.

Here are the sources I used when researching for the project and why I used them! The One Laptop Per Child Organization has goal to offer laptops to all students because they believe that the Internet is such a large-scale phenomenon, that it has changed the course of all natural education. It provided some good details about what one of their laptops would be if the project could reach full funding. This presentation provided a lot of great information for the project as a whole, covering the history of Laptops from the 1980s to the 1990s. He especially highlighted the importance of the Omission 1 and the GRiD Compass 1101. This set of reviews and guidelines from CNET gives a great amount of representation of the market and current availability of the Netbook. Netbooks were looked at as the new future for laptops as they were faster, lighter, and aimed for students. This website was one of many that highlighted the influence and cost of the famous Tandy Computer TRS-80. However, it noted a lot of information about the first Apple computer, the Macbook Portable. It’s primarily because it was the first device to send e-mail through space, but the Macbook is infamous for it’s costs, than anything else. This blog gave a very nice detail of the history of laptop batteries through the decades. Batteries started with heavy lead-acid batteries, then moving to Nickel, and finally ending up with Lithium-Ion batteries we use now. Unfortunately, the blog was not updated that much, but it did provide very adequate information. 


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